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[22 Feb 2011|11:39pm]
the bottom feels lonely.
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[28 Jun 2010|12:08am]
why the fuck do i care so much about anything anymore? what the fuck is the point? this is why everything i do ends in violence, i have too much time to analyze all around me and i hate the fuck out of everything. i want this world to end.
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[27 Jun 2010|04:14pm]
when you care about someone so much, they never leave your mind up until the moment you are with that person.
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[31 May 2010|12:10am]
this keeping up with social networking shit is getting old.. i might just try and get everyone back to livejournal :)
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[24 Dec 2009|12:45am]
I'm addicted to violence.
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[22 Nov 2009|02:18am]
fuck girls and fuck games.

USMC i can't wait any longer.
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[03 Nov 2009|01:51am]
hi :D
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oh life, [20 Oct 2009|01:46am]
[ mood | Down ]

why are you so full of let downs?

I really think I deserve something good. Why isn't it here yet?

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[08 Oct 2009|11:07pm]
its fuckin unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!

who is there by your side when you really need it and who is completely out of reach and out of sight.

we'll see what happens when you need me again.

ready to unload on some people.

for realllllls. joked up. faggots.
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[11 Sep 2009|11:02am]
Give a girl the world, and she'll take it and run.
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[07 Sep 2009|10:56pm]
Seems like I only come to this thing lately to complain. So I guess I'll continue on that record.

Well, here I am again. Relationship on edge and all too familiar when it comes down to it. All my effort for the past two years have been on maintaining and directing the way of this relationship. I guess that's where I go wrong.. I try too hard to keep a relationship on the tracks when in reality it shouldn't be happening. Forcing what shouldn't be forced. And all those friends that I have put on hold, have only left foot prints. I'm out of a job but looking really hard to change that this week. Applied to 9 jobs this week and haven't received any calls or e-mails so I'll assume they end like the rest of the ones I've applied to. I don't have the same friends that I use to have that I could talk to about shit like this, so I leave it to this journal. So much going through my head.. I have reached a wall with no door.. And I'm lost and alone.

I [30 Jun 2009|11:06pm]
[ mood | Straight Edge ]

love everyone still.

i like being a home body, although, I know for sure that I will be so not down when it comes to working again. haha


someone give me money :)
School is awesome, learning some pretty sweet Cisco CLI

i love my beautiful sexy ass naked girlfriend, she is better than any of your past,current and future girlfriends. We fight about stupid shit and then make love and we win.


lauren kay haendle is beautiful and shes an awesome best friend and i love her and tyler's all right too ;)

im gonna eat Apple Jacks

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[16 Jun 2009|11:16am]
Soooo, found out a good person died an the beginning of this year and I just found out about it.

He looked out for me on the bus when i first got into Middle School and was always good dude. We barely knew each other, but he looked after me when I got into Middle School and High School. Last time I saw him was at the mall, gave me some cash and free tickets to a movie. haha Much love to Mike.. You were a good fuckin dude.
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[28 May 2009|05:17pm]
[ mood | Straight Edge. ]

I love everyone.

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[12 May 2009|10:18pm]
"I still dream in color, it's just the days are black and white. I know where I want to be, I just don't know where I am. And I know your face so well, I just don't know where you are. Hope, I just don't wait, just don't stay. It's all a mess. So I'll take another breath, I'll take another stop again so now I've serached, so now I know all we do is decay."

i need help finding myself again.
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What could be an anchor here.. [27 Apr 2009|04:59am]
..With a storm on the rise..
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[08 Apr 2009|02:35am]
Message SentCollapse )
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[07 Apr 2009|05:04pm]
life is good. :)
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New Flava To Ya Ear. [05 Apr 2009|01:09am]
i no longer need to be questioned.

I am, me.

accepted or not, i am not here to please anyone but myself.
Enjoy this life with me or stay the fuck out of my way.
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[02 Apr 2009|11:51pm]
lets talk about sex babbbyyyyyyy, lets talk about you n me.

sup im hella gay.
going to renaes going away party tomorrow.....

i love my life and im happy and troy is a bad ass movie and i love my girlfriend.

i party hella hard and i wanna fight like achilles anddddddddd

i AM going to do DEA training after i graduate.. even if it requires military experience.. WORDDDDDDDDDD UPPPP!


i love you.

Lauren i miss you, even tho you're a pain in my inner ass.
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